Friday, June 23, 2006

TBK News Still Gone/Hijacked

As of today, my main blog is still deleted and hijacked, with no word from Blogger yet.

Some nice people at the Blogger Help Group have made helpful comments. It may very well be that the spammer who stole my URL did not get it from BHG, so I do not want anyone to be discouraged from communicating there. One individual at BHG has expressed dismay that such a thing could happen - I am hopeful that my experience will be one of making lemonade out of lemons. (I'm pretty good at doing that, after all these years of being alive and having had my share of lemons tossed my way...)
From: phydeaux3
Date: Thurs, Jun 22 2006 9:56 pm

If you keep at it, Blogger will Delete the blog that was taken over also, just keep with it. Since it is obviously spam they will delete it and should restore your previous one with it. Other people have had it happen and gotten it back when the spammers took over the available url.

And this is a guess, but I don't think that posting the URL here is what made the spammer get that one (even tho who knows). But from the sound of your posts, the one you posted was your main one which had been up the longest. The spammers look for blogs that have been indexed and attainaed even a little page rank in google, and they have automated scripts looking for ones that suddenly return 404's and are thus available. Sorry they got to it before you did, that's why I suggested to grab it immediately, the spammers are quick.

Other people have gotten the spammers out and their blogs restored...just keep at it.


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