Sunday, July 09, 2006

Another Serious Problem!

I don't know if it's a repercussion of having my blogs deleted, but twice now, once each to both my TBK News blog and my TBK Health blog, something has gone haywire with the template code, and virtually the entire blog disappeared. The only thing that showed up was the main area at the top of the page, along with some of the template code, such as <$BlogTitle$>, except that the <> were replaced by {}, so that it looked like this: {$BlogTitle$}. At least, that's how I remember it, because, frankly, I was in a bit of hurry to get rid of that code and restore my blog.

When it happened the first time, to my main blog, TBK News, I thought I had done something. Looking at the code in the template, it was obvious that my entire side bar had disappeared, with what was left was reading < /div > at the end. If you look at your own template code, you will note that it normally ends with < /html >. Mine had gotten cut off somehow, with the result that all the blog entries and the side bar were completely gone. I believe it may have been cut off right above the tag < !-- Begin #content -- > , but I'm not sure. Other than the heading at the top, what was left was completely wacky, as I said, something like: {$BlogTitle$}. This was the case with all of my blog pages.

In the first case, I was not able to rescue the code, and I had to rebuild the entire sidebar from scratch. Fortunately, once I reestablished the template code, using my other blog's, all of my articles came back, with the proper code.

This time around, I had a window open in which I had just refreshed the blog seconds before, so I viewed the source code, selected it all, copied it and pasted it back into my template. It worked. Phew!

Since it happened twice, in the exact same manner, I am certain I did not do it. This never happened before my blogs were deleted, so I wonder if it was an odd consequence of that deletion. It's possible that it's happened to others.

I got smart and finally went to and saved my blogs, or least the first pages so far.


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