Saturday, July 15, 2006

Feed Won't Validate?

I' ve been trying to add the RSS feeds to my blog to My Yahoo, but I was unable. Yahoo support showed me that my RSS feeds are "invalid," as at the Feed Validator. Notice that the Feed Validator says that "This feed uses an obsolete namespace." This is apparently not a problem directly related to my blog being deleted, as Blogger says that you need to go to Feedburner to create a properly functioning RSS feed for your blog. Unfortunately, that feed conked out weeks ago. So, if I - and probably many other people - want to use an up-to-date RSS feed from Blogger, it's back to the Blogger Help Group...

It's a bit confusing, as Blogger Help says that what it is providing an Atom feed (don't ask me the difference), but even that is apparently "obsolete," as the feed validator says, so it would be essentially worthless.

Even going to Feedburner, once again, does not allow me to add the feeds to My Yahoo, as I get this message:

"We couldn't find the RSS file you asked for"

Confused? Me too.

It would seem to be in Blogger's best interest to just upgrade their feed capacity!


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