Friday, July 21, 2006

Blogs and Goodle Adsense

This blog has become a chronicle of my problems with, going beyond just having my blog deleted.

One of the main selling points of having a blog - and of in specific - is that one can make some money using Google's ad-publishing service Adsense. With no money down, a blogger can get a little change now and again by putting Adsense on his or her blog, provided Google approves the blog, which is not hard if Google has already provided an account based on another site.

In any event, it all sounds great, but the problem - especially most recently if my observations are correct - is that everytime you update, Adsense has to cycle through to figure out which ads are relevant. In this regard, it often returns PSAs or public service announcements, which means you don't get any money.

It is possible that my particular problems with Adsense are a result of having my blogs deleted, as my health blog did not return relevant ads for several days afterwards. Sometimes one entry that is not precisely relevant to the entire site can mess the whole thing up, which makes little sense. In any event, I've been getting a lot of PSAs lately, on both my TBK News and my TBK Health blogs. It's rather frustrating, when one considers that blogging emphasizes posting regularly for the purpose of keeping up one's readership but that having such readership is not of benefit financially since Adsense is not returning relevant ads.

This turn of events is perplexing since Blogger is owned by Google.


Blogger meghannelson22626915 said...

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6:48 PM  
Blogger candoor said...

so has it been problem-free at blogger since this post?... I've had glitches since the first post I put in my first blog here and have had less problems on other sites, but I keep telling myself that free is free and expect to lose everything at anytime which leaves me pleasantly surprised when that doesn't happen...

I'm not nearly so pessimistic in other aspects of life...

I think :)

8:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ive read your most of your book, The Christ Conspiracy, and have looked around the internet to see what others thought of you. I can tell you this, alot of Christian apologetics act in decidedly "un-Christian" ways toward denouncing your finds and use unfair and bad faith arguments to denounce you.

Irrespective of that, I was interested on a blog entry or discussion topic you had on your site that Ive not been able to "re-find" concerning the archaeological finds of Israel. Do you know of a site with any large "pictures" of old-testament era "finds"? Your entry decried the incongruity of the archaeological record in Israel against biblical claims. Big cities seemed to be small towns, etc. Great Walls (Jericho)seem rather puny when one looks at the few available pictures of them. You mention that there is no evidence of Israel's existence in Egypt, etc. Im a "fair" person who wants to just "see the facts", but certainly have had a hard time, even on the internet, of finding real evidences of old-testament claims regarding early Jewish nationhood. For some (like me), a stella commemorating a victory "over the house of David" from hundreds of years later just isn't going to get it? I cant even find any real evidence that there was a first Temple of Solomon and wonder if it was a mere tent that exiled Jews in Babylon made up so one would be constructed on returning. Can you recommend any books or websites on the matter of biblical archaeology written by disinterested third party observers?

7:16 PM  

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